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FORUM, Inc. is an independent lighting fixture manufacturer of architectural lighting systems for commercial, office, retail and custom applications. Since our foundation in 1963, FORUM, Inc. has consistently provided “value added” to our complete line of indoor and outdoor lighting systems. All FORUM fixtures are engineered and manufactured to provide cutting-edge efficiency and quality design at competitive pricing.

FORUM has been at the forefront of LED design for offices, airports, and transportation centers, manufacturing high performance luminaires designed for ease of installation and maintenance. We design and manufacture recessed, surface, wall mounted, and pendant lighting fixtures, for fluorescent and LED applications.

Acuity Controls is advanced lighting controls technology, service and support from a single expert source. We offer one of the industry’s most extensive product portfolios for indoor and outdoor lighting applications. Our product solutions include occupancy sensors, photocell sensors, centralized and distributed systems, panels, fixture-integrated sensors, and wired and wireless lighting control systems that simply work.

Graypants is a team of problem solvers bridging the gap between art and design. With studios in Seattle and Amsterdam, they design and create architecture, products, lighting, and other amazing things around the world.

Some of the most fundamental changes in over a century are occurring within our industry, and many new opportunities are developing within the field of architectural lighting. At LumenWerx, our primary goal going forward as it has been over the last two decades is to respond to these opportunities with the next generation of luminaries. This entirely new product line represents the latest in LED technology paired with cutting edge optics, electronics and thermal management and is available in recessed, surface and pendant mounted options.

Rooted in handmade design, the LightArt studio creates one-of-a-kind chandeliers, sculptural installations, as well as standardized pendants, drums, sconces, and linear fixtures. Our team of experts can tailor our product offerings to match the project-specific needs.

Our American-made products feature NLS’s Dark Sky compliant and Full Cut off patented Star Power™ optical technology, recessed optics, that exceed IES required light levels utilizing the least amount of energy.

SPJ Lighting, founded by Paul Lestz is a leader in innovation. Our landscape fixtures are made in the USA from marine grade brass and copper with the widest variety of designs, color, temps, lumens, finishes, and more in the industry. In addition SPJ manufacturers Interior decorative, Exterior audio, lanterns and custom fixtures. ” If you can draw it, SPJ can build it.”

Originators of the moving light, Vari-Lite is synonymous with spectacle. And for good reason. For over three decades, our luminaires have helped to create unforgettable rock and roll shows and events.

But what’s behind it all? Technical and creative passion.

Since 1981, we’ve combined innovative engineering with a love of performance to bring the dreams and talents of creative people to life. That same spirit lives on today. We provide lighting designers with the tools they need to create moments to remember.

Pathway Connectivity Solutions is your dynamic DMX lighting network backbone for projects that include RGBX or entertainment lighting. Our Portfolio includes DMX Lighting Network Switches, Splitters, Gateways, and Controls.

NexLight designs and manufactures high-reliability low-voltage lighting control systems and sensors for the commercial building market. An experienced leader in the industry, NexLight has been providing lighting control solutions for more than 25 years. We are committed to continue delivering the most reliable, easy-to-install, energy efficient lighting control solutions with backward compatibility to ensure we can provide controls for the life of your building.