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Pathway Connectivity Solutions is your dynamic DMX lighting network backbone for projects that include RGBX or entertainment lighting. Our Portfolio includes DMX Lighting Network Switches, Splitters, Gateways, and Controls.

NexLight designs and manufactures high-reliability low-voltage lighting control systems and sensors for the commercial building market. An experienced leader in the industry, NexLight has been providing lighting control solutions for more than 25 years. We are committed to continue delivering the most reliable, easy-to-install, energy efficient lighting control solutions with backward compatibility to ensure we can provide controls for the life of your building.

Duralamp, a brand of Targetti, delivers a versatile line of high quality, specification grade linear LED lighting and decorative specialty and vintage lamp solutions ideal for accent, task and general indoor and outdoor lighting. Duralamp is a brand of Targetti with US headquarters located in Costa Mesa, CA.

Targetti provides flexible LED solutions and creative custom solutions that can meet even the most complex aesthetic and functional needs for both indoor and outdoor architectural lighting. As one of the most respected and recognized manufacturers of sophisticated lighting, Targetti offers a wide range of exterior and interior luminaire solutions; specializing in flood light, in-ground, recessed downlight, and projector LED luminaires for the U.S. markets. Targetti US headquarters are located in Costa Mesa, CA.

MINIMIS leads the premium illumination space with the world’s most minuscule luminaires – feats of design and engineering that are individually hand-crafted to the highest standards of quality. Our luminaires employ hand-milled titanium and custom, precision-crafted optics from Milan and Scandinavia.

Ledra Brand’s extensive line of fixtures has and continues to use reliable, energy efficient LED’s that have led the way in the commercial, residential and lighting design communities. Continuing to make breakthroughs in technology for performance, decorative and architectural lighting, Ledra Brands provides the latest in solid state technology, while changing age old standards of how LED is viewed.

Inter-lux has curated a collection of lighting products that represent the best in international design. Inter-lux is sensitive to the demands of the North American Market. They know exactly how you need your product: on time, on budget, and all backed up with only the very best in pre- and post-order service. Inter-lux’s brands include: ALM, Filix,, Schmitz, Steng, and Whitegoods.

Pinnacle Architectural Lighting, a brand of Legrand, is a lighting manufacturer that offers high performance LED fixtures and architectural systems for commercial, institutional, and signage applications.

Waldmann Lighting Group produces a full line of high quality, energy-efficient LED, fluorescent and halogen lighting solutions for a diverse range of architectural, office, medical and industrial applications for both interior and exterior use. Exceptional quality, energy savings and added productivity make Waldmann Lighting the Engineer of Light..

ALPHABET Lighting is a brand of parent LEDRAbrands offering commercial, specification grade light fixtures and solutions. ALPHABET is an American manufacturer, founded in 1993, specializing in cutting edge technology for general lighting solutions.